What is Matter ?

Part 2

Spacetime Model

Explanation of the

Constitution of Matter

Spacetime Model - What is Matter

What is Matter ?

To solve the enigma "What is Matter ?, we must before understand the three following points:

  • The Wave-Particle Duality
    The first page of this website gives a rational and scientific explanation to this enigma.
  • Speed of light
    The second page answers the question: Why the speed of light is constant?
  • Nature of Spacetime and Matter
    Based on well-known experimentations, the following pages explain the nature of spacetime. Extending these deductions to matter, we finally solve the enigma: What is Matter ?

Clarification about Matter

These conclusions are so surprising that they need clarification. The last webpage makes the synthesis of the previous sections, which directly leads to the constitution of matter.

To summarize, based on scientific experimentations, this website answers the question "What is matter?" and, by extension, "Where do we come from?".

It is strongly recommended to follow the reading sequence:

Wave-Particle Duality → Speed of Light → Forces in Spacetime
→ e- e+ Annihilation → Nature of Particles → Clarification