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Spacetime Model



This webpage is the 5th page of the mass and gravitation section of this website.

The mathematical demonstrations can be found in the following Webpages:

Note: The full EFE demonstration is too large to be included in this website as HTML pages. It is only available in PDF format. To get the PDF document click here (the download process may take few seconds). The EFE section is located in Appendix E.

Please note that the reading of this document requires high level knowledge in mathematics. However, to the attention of physicists who want to better understand the construction of General Relativity, this document also covers the full development of each member of EFE, from scratch to the Christoffel Symbols/Ricci tensor on one hand, and to the Energy-Momentum Tensor/Einstein Constant on the other hand. This paper demonstrates that including the expression of mass in the Energy-Momentum Tensor leads to a new version of EFE:

New Tensor - Higgs Boson