Quarks - Antimatter

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Spacetime Model

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Quarks and Antimatter

Spacetime Model - Quarks Antimatter

Spacetime Cells (sCells)

It is highly probable that spacetime would be parcelled out in a kind of "neutral electrons" called here Spacetime Cells, or sCells. These sCells solve many enigmas of Modern Physics.


This website shows that it is possible to build u and d quarks with electrons, positrons, and sCells. The process is very simple and may be at the origin of the creation of the universe.


This webpage demonstrates that antimatter is not located in the deep universe, as we think, but under our eyes, inside quarks. This is verified within the 2930 known isotopes, i.e. 100% successful.

Standard Model

The explanation of quarks leads to a rational explanation of the Standard Model. The latter is not built with the 7 basic particles (group 1), but with only one.

It is strongly recommended to follow the reading sequence:
Spacetime Cells → Wave Model → Atom → U and d Quarks →
Antimatter → The Standard Model → Nucleons → Nucleus →
Quarks - Mesons → Radioactivity → Interactions