Waves and Photons

Part 4

Spacetime Model

Explanation of

Waves, Photons, and Electromagnetism

Spacetime Model - Waves - Photons


We perfectly know the electromagnetic laws, but we still do not know the mechanism of electromagnetism. This section gives an answer to: "what is electromagnetism?".


No one can give a rational definition of spin, and today we are faced with the "spin crisis". This section tries to solve the spin enigma in regard to electromagnetism.


Are electromagnetic radiations made of waves or photons? This section solves the photon enigma.


This section makes a synthesis of the preceding parts and gives some complements concerning the relationship between waves and photons, and between electromagnetic radiations and mass.


This webpage covers some electromagnetic applications such as the Young Slits, E=mc2 etc...

It is strongly recommended to follow the reading sequence:

Introduction → Electromagnetism and EM Radiations
→ Spin → Photons → Waves → Applications