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Spacetime Model

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Forces and

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Introduction Webpage

The introduction page covers a summary of the main lines of the Spacetime Model.


The Spacetime Model explains the gravitational force (Part 1) and the strong nuclear force (Part 3). In reality, these two forces can be merged into one. So, this webpage unifies the three known forces, gravitational, electroweak, and strong nuclear forces, in two basic forces.


This section shows that the Big-Bang has too many inconsistencies to be credible. The discovery of the 2.7°K temperature of the deep universe does not explain the Big-Bang and is not a proof per se. At least three other alternatives that take into account this 2.7°K temperature discovery also exist.

Replication and creation

These two webpages cover one of these three alternatives and propose an more credible solution to the Big-Bang enigma.

It is strongly recommended to follow the reading sequence:

Introduction → Forces → Universe → Replication → Creation